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About Freedman + Hilmi

  • A different approach
    Freedman + Hilmi specialises in commercial property development/investment and joint ventures for property deals. Our approach is a little different.
  • A broader understanding
    Many firms provide a ‘full service’, but they draw in various ‘specialist’ lawyers from different corporate, property and banking departments who understand only their limited part in the deal.Which can lead to the left hand not understanding what the right hand is doing and no single lawyer grasping all commercial aspects of the deal.Our specialism is having our lawyers understand the corporate JV, the property acquisition, the environmental indemnities, the planning agreements, the pre-lettings and re-gears and the banking documents. That way, you deal with a single lawyer who really does understand the whole transaction.
  • That’s unusual
    If you are a property developer or investor, you have to understand how the property title issues, the environmental issues, the planning issues, the construction issues, the debt finance issues and your JV partnering issues can cost you money – so we think your property lawyer should understand all of that too.This ethos is the product of having actually worked in a property developer’s office doing tasks lawyers don’t usually do – appraising possible deals, drafting heads of terms and working through project cash flows.If the lawyer understands how the deal financials work then there is a better chance he will cover the important aspects of the deal in the legal documents and not waste time on what’s unimportant.And that’s a proper “commercial, commercial property lawyer” (no typo…)
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Getting it right first time with no dictation or typing pools…

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We’re determined to determine the use of determination when we mean end. Can we agree that leases terminate and experts determine…?

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Fixed Fees

Within reason, we should always be able to quote a fixed fee at the start and stick to it...

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“Well on the one hand it appears to be the case that possibly”… Is that the kind of ‘advice’ you want to pay for? We prefer yes or no answers…

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